Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is Pammy's Boycott Just a Big Bust?

To paraphrase President Clinton, sometimes you write an article just because you can.

Ever since Pamela Anderson announced plans to boycott, I've been waiting and waiting for a panic-stricken Churchill Downs management to offer some really super deals on attendance at this year's Kentucky Derby, but with the event only a little more than three weeks away, my faith in Pam's grass-roots support is beginning to wane. Where are the cut-rate tickets, the last-minute appeals for fans to rally in support of a seriously endangered racing institution? It's hard to believe that the girl who battled the Miller Lite girls in that sexy pillow fight commercial doesn't command a serious following.

Strangely, only a few years ago, it seemed that "making horses race for our pleasure" was ok, and the Derby was not a cruel spectacle, but a trendy, hip event, requiring the star of big and small screen, as well as underground video, to attend, along with fiance de jour, Kid Rock.

But what a difference one sponsor makes. This year, clearly insensitive Churchill execs have allowed Yum! Brands, Inc., the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken, to become the first-ever corporate sponsors of the Derby. KFC had already been the target of Pam's ire because of their alleged (by her friends at PETA) torture and killing of chickens. Well, actually, millions of us knew about the killing part, thanks to our participation in the finger-lickin-good fruits of these atrocities. The torture? Well if KFC is torturing chickens in the same way that we are torturing horses, I'd say the whole thing just might be a figment of somebody's imagination.

But then, Pammy has based an entire career on blowing things out of proportion. This is documented at an especially fine website HERE (don't worry, it's not even softcore), and should raise at least some concern as to whether she ever cared about the poor lab animals who gave their lives to test the safety of silicone implants.

I suppose I really shouldn't care if Pam comes to the Kentucky Derby or not. It doesn't look like I'm going to get a bargain basement deal on the tickets anyway. I'll probably just watch it on TV.

And hope they run those beer commercials a few more times.

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