Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pseudo Science Triumphs in Ohio

Yet another state sinks further into the hysteria over baking soda. Notwithstanding the fact that the efficacy of so-called "milkshakes" is scientifically unproven, the state of Ohio has announced plans to expand pre-race blood gas testing, already performed at harness tracks, to the Thoroughbred tracks as well. Trainers will now face the propects of having their horses stopped enroute to the paddock and blood extracted from their arteries in the name of "racing integrity".

In announcing the expansion, the Ohio commission's executive director not only gave the pseudo science bandwagon a nice boost, but threw in a little voodoo economics, too, declaring that expansion of the program from 2,000 tests a year to 4,500 tests a year will be accomplished with "no additional costs." That feat could be on a par with the New Testament loaves and fishes story. Maybe they should assign this guy to solving the problem of dwindling purses in Ohio.

Read the full story at the Thoroughbred Times, HERE. Note the reporter's diplomatic description, aka pussyfooting around, the real issue: "(milkshaking)...increases TCO2 levels in the Thoroughbred, believed to increase stamina." (my emphasis).

My original article about this travesty: The War on Baking Soda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually think that the horses should go to the test barn to RECIEVE milkshakes pre-race. Maybe it would help some of them overcome the poor training they get.

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